2020 Software Research and Implementation Benchmark Report

How long do companies take to research, negotiate, implement, and get comfortable with new software?

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25 percent of respondents took less than a week to research their new software.
35 percent of respondents took less than a week to negotiate their new software.
50 percent of respondents took less than 1 month to implement their new software.
43 percent of respondents took 1-6 months getting comfortable using their new software.

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While software companies are getting better at marketing and selling their products, software customers take a long time to get comfortable with their software, which indicates that software companies could be doing more in the way of training and support for current and new customers.

We asked over 150 individuals about their most recent software purchase and collected their responses in the 2019 Software Implementation Benchmarks Survey. We had some surprising findings. Download the FREE report now to learn more.