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From Content to Pipeline: Creating Synergy Between Content and Demand Gen Marketers

Watch our April 2022 DemandFest session

In this DemandFest session:

Learn about removing friction during the buying journey
Understand the types of content buyers look for throughout the sales funnel stages
Listen to Udacity's decision on gating vs. ungating content

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Session Speakers
Brian Finnerty
Brian Finnerty

Vice President of Marketing, Udacity

Tulin Green
Tulin Green

Senior Director of Demand Generation, Udacity

Mike Pastore
Mike Pastore

Content Strategist and Demand Gen, TechnologyAdvice

What you say and how you say it is critical to the success of your B2B marketing efforts. Early content marketing approaches relied on blogs, SEO, and gated assets to build traffic and generate leads. Today, content and demand gen teams need to work together to create the right message for the right audience in a variety of formats – and they need to do it at scale. In this session, you will hear from Brian Finnerty, Tulin Green, and Mike Pastore as they discuss creating synergy between content and demand gen marketers.