DemandFest Recording

How Demand Gen and Marketing Ops Can Evolve Together

Watch our April 2022 DemandFest session

In this DemandFest session:

Learn how demand gen and marketing ops go hand-in-hand
Understand the importance to marketing within an organization
Hear projections on how B2B marketing will evolve over the next year

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Session Speakers
Darrell Alfonso
Darrell Alfonso

Global Marketing Operations, Amazon Web Services

Nicole Siegal Fuselier
Nicole Siegal Fuselier

Vice President of Revenue Marketing, Dremio

Mike Pastore
Mike Pastore

Content Strategist, TechnologyAdvice

As B2B marketers, we’re on a journey together. From leads and MQLs to revenue and pipeline, this space is constantly evolving. In this session, we’re exploring the relationship between demand gen marketers and marketing operations. Broadly speaking, these two roles work together to create targeted and effective campaigns. But how the campaigns are planned and executed continues to evolve. In this session, you will hear from Darrell Alfonso, Nicole Siegal Fuselier, and Mike Pastore as they discuss how demand gen and marketing ops can evolve together.