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Keynote: The B2B Marketing Organization's BIG Makeover and What It Means for You and Your Career

Watch our April 2022 DemandFest session

In this DemandFest session:

Learn about the big B2B marketing shift
Understand how the B2B marketing changes will impact your career
Learn about B2B marketing key success metrics and reward systems

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Session Speakers
Scott Vaughan
Scott Vaughan

Chief Marketing Officer + GTM & Marketing Advisor to CXOs

Aimee Dunn
Aimee Dunn

Director of Sales Enablement, TechnologyAdvice

In this keynote session, Scott Vaughan joins Aimee Dunn to lead us through the great B2B marketing change and what organizations are doing to adapt. For demand, brand, product and ops marketers, they’ll share what leading marketers are focusing on to capitalize on these shifts in their organizations and careers. In this impactful session, Scott and Aimee will tackle the following topics to help you navigate your career and build out your organization:
  • What is driving the need to evolve today’s Marketing organizations, roles and careers?
  • What does an evolved Marketing org look like and how is it different from today’s structure?
  • What are the critical talent and skills needed on today’s B2B marketing team? How do you break silos to better align with buyer, account, regional and business unit needs?
  • What are key success metrics and reward systems in B2B marketing’s next chapter?