Join Us: Take a deep dive into B2B marketing at Nashville DemandFest, May 3-5, 2023. Register Now.
Join Us: Take a deep dive into B2B marketing at Nashville DemandFest, May 3-5, 2023. Register Now.

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Content marketing is an essential part of the B2B marketer’s toolbox. In its   beginnings, content marketing relied heavily on blog posts for thought leadership and gated assets like whitepapers for lead generation.  Today, B2B vendors are producing content across a number of formats, including audio and video. And the goals of the content being created can vary widely, from thought leadership to lead generation to buyer enablement, and more. B2B marketers still face a number of challenges as they work to create a holistic content strategy and demonstrate the value of content to their leadership teams.  

These challenges include:
  • Creating content that stands out in noisy, crowded markets
  • Scaling content production to meet the needs to the organization
  • Getting the buy-in and participation of thought leaders and subject matter experts
  • Developing content that creates advocates on B2B buying committees
  • Thinking like a buyer when they create content.
This eBook is designed to help marketing leaders and content marketing professionals overcome the challenges they face in their content strategy. It was developed by the content experts at TechnologyAdvice, who work with B2B marketers to create content that attracts and engages B2B buyers.