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As the curtain temporarily closed on in-person events almost two years ago, lead generation efforts moved to the digital world. And, although B2B is slowly becoming more comfortable hosting and attending trade shows and other similar events, the bulk of lead gen efforts will remain online, tasking marketers with the challenge of cohesively targeting prospects across in-person and digital channels. With 70% of B2B decision-makers preferring digital over traditional approaches of interacting with potential buyers, the door is wide open for more creative and interactive lead generation approaches. While marketing teams are rethinking their targeting strategies to reach buyers where they are, they’re also focusing on generating interest from cold leads. Today, B2B vendors are producing content across a number of formats, including audio and video. And the goals of the content being created can vary widely, from thought leadership to lead generation to buyer enablement, and more. B2B marketers still face a number of challenges as they work to create a holistic content strategy and demonstrate the value of content to their leadership teams.