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The Sage Intacct team was having issues driving a consistent volume of marketing-qualified leads into the top of their demand generation funnel on a month-to-month/quarter-to-quarter basis. Some months, they experienced volatile swings in conversion rate from raw leads to MQLs, which threw off pacing. Also, because their paid lead channel was the highest volume driver, these swings would have drastic effects on other marketing activities like lead nurturing, webinar promotion, and ultimately opportunities.

Sage Intacct partnered with TechnologyAdvice to create a custom content syndication program for top-of-the-funnel lead generation in October of 2016. The program used Sage Intacct’s standard set of whitepapers, e-books, and a TechnologyAdvice buyer’s guide to engage prospects that met key targeting criteria and ask a custom qualifying question. Each lead was verified for accuracy and opted in to receive a follow-up call from Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct Generates 1,500+ MQLs in 7 Months
100% Compliance
100 percent compliance with program specifications and targeting criteria.
New Opportunities
7 direct opportunities & 8 influenced opportunities, putting Sage Intacct ahead of pace.
19% Growth
Sage Intacct experienced a 19% growth in opportunity value, year-over-year.

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