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Program ROI Calculator

The marketing ROI formula for calculating return on investment is dependent on how you track revenue, profits and expenses. We put together a simple calculator that will help you determine your program ROI based on your goals.

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Download free e-books and other helpful guides for marketing professionals.

How To Find Decision Makers

Today’s tech proliferation brings more data to our fingertips than some of us know what to do with, but it also brings great prospecting tools. This guide provides the best ways to find decision makers, with a little help from TechnologyAdvice sales executives.

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How to Generate Marketing Qualified Leads

Ever feel like you’re not generating enough leads? You’re cranking out content, testing landing pages, and tweeting up a storm. But you just can’t fill your sales funnel. You’re frustrated. And you’re not alone. Read this guide to learn why you should give fewer, higher-quality leads to your sales team.

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How to Market to Buying Groups

Marketers play an important role in account-specific outreach. But a lingering skills and knowledge gap is making it difficult for some companies to fully realize ABM and turn their campaigns into measurable results. This e-book will help you build a concrete plan and acquire the necessary tools to succeed.

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How to Run Multichannel Marketing Programs

As marketers, we’ve traditionally framed the customer journey within a funnel, which proposes that the way our audiences work their way toward a decision is both within our control and linear. Unfortunately, our audiences have a multitude of options and their paths are far from linear. Download this guide to learn how to market across multiple channels and win more customers.

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How to Track Leads From Marketing to Sales

e-Book How to Track Leads From Marketing to Sales Improve Your Lead to Cash Flow and Calculate Your Return on Marketing Investment In your FREE guide, you’ll learn: How to establish end-to-end lead management The importance of openly exchanging lead

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Is Online Paid Media Still Effective?

Online paid media has something of a mixed reputation. The purpose of this study is to provide insight directly from the targeted (not the targeters) about the effectiveness of paid media, including sponsored search results, display/banner ads, social media ads, and native content ads.

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Lead Generation 101

This ebook will explain how your business can use lead generation to develop processes that draw in new customers, foster their interest in your product or service, and connect them to your sales team when the time is right.

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Multichannel Marketing Handbook

This guide details strategies for creating and running a successful multichannel marketing strategy and examines how Zapier, a SaaS vendor in the midst of rapid growth, conducts their marketing across social, search, webpage, and blog channels with consistency.

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The Big Book of Content Marketing

Content marketing is an essential part of the B2B marketer’s toolbox. In its beginnings, content marketing relied heavily on blog posts for thought leadership and gated assets like whitepapers for lead generation.

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How Machine Learning is Changing Demand Generation

Watch our July 8th recording of Music City Lead Gen Summit on How Machine Learning is changing Demand Generation. Zach Jones, VP of Sales and Client Success and Ray Pasek, Data Scientist explore how TechnologyAdvice is utilizing true machine learning to more efficiently fulfill lead generation programs, and how you can leverage machine learning to impact your own lead classification and nurture process.

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