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We spoke with the Director at Project Insight, an award-winning work & project management software that centralizes all of your work, tasks, and projects into one easy to use online platform. He has worked with TechnologyAdvice dating back to 2016.

He spoke to us about the success they have seen from their bottom-of-the-funnel HQL program, and his experiences working with the TechnologyAdvice team.

How did the partnership between Project Insight and TechnologyAdvice come about?

We were exploring various sources; we found TechnologyAdvice online and set up a trial program. We saw that the quality of the leads grew, which got our attention. At this point, we were aware that some of our existing lead sources produced a lot of volume, but lower quality. So we put more time and energy into developing our relationship with TA.

We met with the TA team in person to discuss our product and goals, which helped the team gain more insight and understanding. Within 3 months, the proportion of our leads coming from TechnologyAdvice grew from practically 0% to 5%, then up to 15% which is where it currently sits. So it’s a pretty rapid climb.

What KPIs do you use to evaluate the success of the program?

Consistency of lead flow, and that’s really not a metric that you can record - more of a gut check. The quality of the leads was much higher than a lot of the competition. With other lead gen providers, the quality of the leads we’ve received has been consistently diminishing - so out of 10 leads delivered, we might only convert 1 or 2 to a demo. With TA, our conversion rate to demo is closer to 75%. After we saw that our campaign was a success, we increased the volume of leads that we were purchasing from TechnologyAdvice.

So as we’ve continued this partnership, what kind of growth have you guys seen as a business?

As a company, we’ve actually had a relatively stable bottom line over the last few years. We have actually transformed our business to be more vertical; when this happened, we were able to not only get a solid base of leads for the ICP that we had been seeking, but it was also transcending the different products that we had verticalized. So we were able to use TechnologyAdvice leads for our enterprise product, our mid-tier product, as well as our lower end freemium offering.

The bright spot in our relationship is that TechnologyAdvice continually sent us good leads. In the last 3 years, we saw a proliferation of lead gen and appointment setting companies who put all the work into volume - meaning that if they just called 100,000 people, they’d get 200 customers out of it. What we found is that these companies would provide inaccurate lead information. TechnologyAdvice has never gone down that path; they’ve always been a reputable company. They’ve been willing to discuss our needs so that they can refine their process and make it better.

In terms of the account management and customer service, how would you describe that? Have there been any issues, and if so, how were those resolved?

We have a web-to-lead form set up that allows us to receive leads directly into our CRM. There are no errors, there are no problems, and it’s super efficient.

If a colleague were to ask for your overall impressions of TechnologyAdvice for their own business, what would your recommendation sound like?

They would greatly benefit from working with TechnologyAdvice, because not only do they take the time to really understand the business and actually field the right leads, but the lead quality is on a magnitude between 5 and 7 times better than what’s out there today. I’m looking at my forecasted sales by store right now, and for July, TechnologyAdvice is sitting at 48% of our total qualified leads generated; and over the past three years, 26% of our top line revenue has come from opportunities generated from TechnologyAdvice leads. We obviously need diversity in our lead flow to guard against shortfalls, but if we are going to use third parties, TechnologyAdvice is at the top of the list.

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