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Work with a full service B2B media company as an extension of your marketing team

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Content Syndication

Fill your pipeline and nurture tracks with top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) leads who opt-in to receive your content and a follow-up from you. We generate these leads via phone conversations and email newsletters where you can add custom questions to further qualify leads for your brand. We engage our own audience using your branded asset and targeting requirements (title, company size, location, revenue, industry, etc). Custom profiling questions can also be added to further qualify leads.

Our Unique Value to Tech Marketers

Anyone with an internet connection can sell you a list of leads. Anyone with a keyboard can create your content. We stand behind our audience, our lead gen, and our content creation, and we have a proven record as a trustworthy, reliable partner for your B2B marketing needs.

Add that to what already makes us unique among competitors:

150+ Editorial Team Experts
20+ Owned and Operated Technology Brands
Direct Relationship with 100 Million Tech Buyers
Layered Intent Buying Signals
Solutions that Surround the Buying Committee
Full Service B2B Media Company
200+ Technology Topics Covered
International Audience Reach

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Content Syndication

Last year, we connected more than 750,000 technology buyers with the world's leading vendors through our lead generation solutions.

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Our lead generation services are priced on a "per-lead" basis. Cost will vary depending on a number of factors unique to your business, including any targeting criteria you select and how close to sales-ready you need your leads to be. Connect with us below to learn more!

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