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You've Got Leads, Now What?

You’ve got leads, now what? This is an all-too-familiar question for some B2B marketers. Lead lists are easy to come by, but converting those leads isn’t guaranteed. How do you increase your overall lead conversion?

From Content to Pipeline

Content marketing is now a well-established tactic for many B2B organizations. According to research from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), two-thirds of B2B marketers said they expected their content marketing budgets to rise in 2022.

The Big Book of Content Marketing

Content marketing is an essential part of the B2B marketer’s toolbox. In its beginnings, content marketing relied heavily on blog posts for thought leadership and gated assets like whitepapers for lead generation.

The Big Book of Lead Generation Strategies

Bringing in more revenue starts with lead generation, and that’s exactly why this guide details a range of strategies — complete with data and case studies — that will help you create more leads for your colleagues in Sales.


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Best Practices for Marketing on Different Social Media Sites

As of the beginning of 2022, there were nearly four billion total social media users across all platforms, with the average user having accounts on seven social networks. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular social media platforms and go over best practices for marketing on each.

Understanding Native Advertising & Why It’s Successful

Spending on native advertising is expected to reach nearly $100 billion next year, yet only 47% of marketers are confident that it works. That lack of confidence likely stems from a misunderstanding of what native advertising actually is and how to implement it effectively.

Top B2C Marketing Strategies to Apply & Avoid

In some ways, marketing is marketing. In other ways, B2C marketing is very different from B2B, and not all tactics will transfer. The B2C customer is a very different audience than the B2B customer, with different needs and motivations.

Gamification in Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Good gamification feels natural and keeps clients engaged with vendors without asking for too much time or information from the customer. An understanding of how gamification works and common gamification methods will help your marketing team in creating a gamification strategy that works for your B2B marketing strategy.


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Advice on Maintaining and Growing Demand in a Down Economy

Randi Barshack from Rollworks discusses the challenges marketers face when marketing in a down economy and provides advice on where to focus our efforts.

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Biggest Lessons Learned in Marketing Over the Past 2 Years

Christopher Willis from Acrolinx discusses what he has learned over the course of the last two years and how his team has put it into practice.

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Common Misconceptions Within Marketing

Maura Rivera from Qualified discusses a common misconception about conversational marketing and shares advice on conversational marketing programs your company can consider.

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Moments We Capture and Moments We Create

Scott Vaughan, Chief Marketing Officer + GTM & Marketing Advisor to CXOs, discusses moving from moments we capture to our next evolution of moments we create, or experiences, for our buyers so they can engage on their terms.

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Creating Content That Isn't Just Mediocre

Brian Finnerty from Udacity discusses creating content with a purpose rather than creating mediocre content to "check a box".

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Martech and Keeping Up With the Joneses

Darrell Alfonso from Amazon Web Services discusses one of the challenges we, as marketers, face when comparing our tech stack to other companies in our industry.

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A Virtual Event Exclusively for B2B Tech Marketers

In our April installment of DemandFest, we covered the great B2B marketing shift. Joined by numerous world-class B2B tech marketers and change-makers, we explored how various roles work together to generate revenue.

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