What’s Working in B2B Cybersecurity Marketing?

What’s Working in B2B Cybersecurity Marketing?

Every business needs to think about cybersecurity. As a result, there’s a huge market for the growing number of vendors selling the tools and platforms that help keep businesses, their users, and their data safe. And that means noise.

For B2B marketers in the cybersecurity space, cutting through the noise and reaching information security professionals is a daily struggle. You can’t scare people into buying your product. You can’t chase after every company that’s suffered from a breach or ransomware attack.

But you also can’t make the mistake of treating all of your prospects alike. Every business and industry operates in its own cybersecurity environment. They all face unique challenges and circumstances that marketers and sellers can’t ignore.

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On this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, our guest is Sawsan Hamawandy, head of global demand generation at Heimdal Security. Sawsan has held both marketing and sales roles in B2B organizations. Our conversation covers the Do’s and Don’ts of cybersecurity marketing, how marketing can help accelerate the sales cycle, bridging the sales-marketing gap, a look ahead to 2023, and more.

Episode Guide

3:08: What is working in cybersecurity marketing today?

8:52: How can marketers bridge the gap between sales and marketing?

14:08: How can marketers influence the sales cycle?

20:35: What are Sawsan’s thoughts on the year 2023 for B2B marketers?

30:45: What’s the difference between marketing for large and small organizations?

35:46: What is Sawsan’s favorite tool?

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