How Can We Better Support Women Working in the Tech Sector?

How Can We Better Support Women Working in the Tech Sector?

We’re all aware of the challenges that women face while working in the tech sector. But many of us are less aware of the difference our daily actions can make for women in the industry.

Women in male-dominated industries are often more likely to seek out mentorship and coaching, have different employee benefits that appeal to them, and have a strong appreciation of professional development opportunities. When we take these things into consideration, it becomes clear that we all have an opportunity to help women succeed in tech.

In this episode of B2B Nation, we explore the experiences of women in the technology industry with Jamie Porter, senior director of marketing at MNJ Technologies. We’ll discuss Jamie’s experience in the tech sector and how she works to help other women achieve success as well.

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Among the topics we cover are coaching and mentorship as well as the roles women in tech seem to actively seek out versus the roles they are guided into taking.

Episode Guide

1:47: Jamie’s experience as a woman working in the tech industry.

5:51: “Overall, I’ve been very fortunate, as I’ve had a really positive experience throughout the years.”

6:33: Programs to support women in tech and other male-dominated industries.

9:40: How do we provide opportunities for women in a variety of roles in tech?

11:03: Jamie’s approach to professional development.

16:06: “I’m not even close to being done learning. I have so much more I can dive into.”

16:51: What makes a good mentor?

18:28: How Jamie ensures her team gets credit for the big and small things they do.

22:37: What is Jamie’s favorite tool?

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