Which B2C Tactics Will Help Improve Your B2B Marketing?

Which B2C Tactics Will Help Improve Your B2B Marketing?

People don’t remove their B2C hats when they’re researching products in their business life. That’s why B2B marketers are often reminded that some of the tactics and platforms that have the “B2C” label deserve a look in B2B marketing. It’s all marketing to people, after all.

But B2B purchases are still made by a committee of people, each with their own preferences around content and their own needs to be met. And that’s why B2B marketers are asking questions.

  • Can one-to-one strategies work in B2B where no single person has purchase authority?
  • Can personalization, which is a cornerstone of many digital experiences for consumers, work in B2B?
  • Do social platforms other than LinkedIn influence members of the B2B buying committee?

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In this episode of B2B Nation, we’re talking to Chuck Moxley, CMO of digital experience vendor Blue Triangle and co-author of An Audience of One. We’ll look for the answers to these questions and more.

Episode Guide

2:04: Chuck discusses his book and the idea of personalized marketing vs. mass marketing

3:53: The three major shifts in the way people consume media and choose brands today.

4:54: How B2C concepts like personalization apply to the B2B world.

7:53: What do B2B marketers get wrong about personalization and 1:1 marketing?

12:18: “You’ve got to stop thinking ‘B2B and all the rules that used to be…’”

12:40: How does buying by committee work with personalization efforts?

15:28: What is Chuck’s favorite tool?

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