Free White Paper Template To Boost Your Content Strategy

Free White Paper Template To Boost Your Content Strategy
If you’re ramping up your inbound marketing strategy, chances are you’re considering writing a white paper. White papers are valuable additions to any company’s inbound efforts. They educate your potential customers so they can purchase with confidence. They build your credibility and help establish you as a thought leader. They can also provide you with leads, as most companies gate white papers behind lead forms. Also Read: To Gate or Not to Gate: Which is Best for B2B Content? But what is a white paper, anyway, and how do you write one? A quick Google search doesn’t provide many concrete answers — in fact, it turns out the definition of “white paper” itself is a bit slippery. We’ve been there, too. But after many years of writing white papers ourselves and learning lessons the hard way, we’ve found what we believe is the best approach to writing white papers. We put all this information together as a white paper template with helpful tips, which you can download below. Did we mention it’s free?

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