What’s Working for Companies Marketing AI Solutions?

What’s Working for Companies Marketing AI Solutions?

An increasing number of technology vendors are making artificial intelligence (AI) central to their products and their messaging. For B2B marketers that like to talk about ROI and value, AI presents a conundrum: How do you balance the use of AI with business outcomes?

AI is a foundational technology that is incredibly complex to explain, especially to business buyers without a deep technical background. That means marketers need to know their audience – their role, their industry, and the challenges they’re looking to solve.

On this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, we’re talking to Stephen Gold, the CMO of SparkCognition. His company makes tools built on AI to help businesses better predict outcomes and improve processes for everything from manufacturing and transportation to cybersecurity.

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Our discussion covers the challenges and opportunities that face marketers when everyone seems to be talking about AI today, whether AI even matters to business users looking for better outcomes, and what gets Stephen excited about what’s ahead in 2023.

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2:28: How does SparkCognition make its message stand out when AI is such a hot topic?

5:28: How do you find the balance of talking AI tech vs talking business outcomes?

7:00: How does SparkCognition handle the challenge of targeting diverse industries?

9:18: “You’ve got to present technology in a way that resonates with the way that industry thinks, acts, and operates.”

12:04: How does SparkCognition develop the subject matter expertise across the industries it targets?

13:44: What gets Stephen excited and nervous about 2023?

18:11: What is Stephen’s favorite tool?

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