The Rise of ‘Product’ as an Engine for Growth

The Rise of ‘Product’ as an Engine for Growth

Product-led growth is a go-to-market strategy that relies on your organization’s products to acquire and retain customers. With the demand for digital products and experiences at an all-time high, it’s not surprising to see product-led growth gaining popularity.

Digital products and the experiences they deliver are significant differentiators for many organizations. Today’s consumers expect seamless experiences across channels that make it easy to accomplish their goals and get what they need without delay.

This emphasis on product as an engine for growth puts roles like product management and product marketing in the spotlight for many businesses. It also requires businesses to maintain the resources required to continually create and improve products that deliver even when market demands shift.

Product development agencies help businesses create products from conception to go-to-market strategy. They are, in many ways, the next generation of development shops that did the coding and testing to bring digital products to life.

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On this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, Margarita Mangino, Chief Growth Officer at product development agency Uruit, talks about the rise of digital products and product-specific roles in organizations, the challenges of transforming your go-to-market message, and how marketers should approach economic instability.

Episode Guide

2:01: What’s the difference between marketing services and capabilities and marketing products?

5:00: What’s the biggest challenge Margarita and her team face in their marketing today?

7:57: How does marketing to product teams differ from marketing to IT roles?

10:40: What is Margarita’s advice for marketers with economic stability on the horizon?

13:44: The advantages of offshoring work to Latin America.

17:19: What is Margarita’s favorite tool?

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