You’ve Scaled Your B2B Content. What Happens Next?

You’ve Scaled Your B2B Content. What Happens Next?

Scaling B2B content creation remains a significant challenge for many companies. The demand for content assets, including papers, videos, and articles for marketing, the website, sales outreach, and more never seems to end.

With the right mix of in-house resources, reliable partners and freelancers, and clever strategies, B2B vendors can scale their content creation to help meet the demand. But that isn’t the end of your content challenges. Keeping all of that content consistent in voice, up to date as your brand and products evolve, and in compliance with industry regulations remains a requirement.

Christopher Willis is the CMO and Chief Pipeline Officer at Acrolinx, a content governance solution that uses artificial intelligence to help keep your content up to date and aligned with your brand.

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On this episode of B2B Nation, Christopher discusses content creation and governance, content effectiveness, pipeline creation, and more.

Episode Guide

2:36: How does Acrolinx help marketers improve the quality and impact of their content?

6:20: The connection between content governance and content impact.

9:35: The challenges of scaling and maintaining content in the enterprise

17:09: How Christopher got the title Chief Pipeline Officer.

21:00: What are the important lessons about marketing Christoper learned over the past two years?

23:38: What is Christopher’s favorite tool?

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