Your 2023 Guide to Media Buying and Planning

Your 2023 Guide to Media Buying and Planning

There are some things about the art and science of media buying that haven’t changed much in recent years. But other elements of media buying are in a constant state of flux. Social media is one example. Would you have predicted even one year ago that brands would be skittish of Twitter but taking a serious look at Reddit?

Jason Gladu is the president of Avani Media, a demand gen agency that specializes in working with B2B tech companies. Back in early 2021, Jason joined the B2B Nation podcast to talk about media buying strategy. The episode was so popular, we decided it was time to revisit the subject again.

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In this episode of the podcast, Jason guides us through the media buying landscape of 2023. This time around we’re talking about the impact of economic uncertainty, old approaches to media buying that are making a comeback, and the quest for more engagement and shorter sales cycles.

Episode Guide


1:42: What has changed the most for B2B media buyers in the last two years?

4:46: What is the “temperature” of marketers and media buyers right now?

8:08: Are media buyers still setting aside precious budget for testing?

10:10: How has the media that marketers are buying changed in the past two years?

13:30: What are the most overlooked opportunities for marketers buying media today?

15:37: What are the downsides of being “safe” with your media buys?

20:05: What is Jason’s advice to marketers for the rest of 2023?

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