A Martech Entrepreneur Shares His Journey

A Martech Entrepreneur Shares His Journey

Some people encounter a problem at work with no obvious solution and find a workaround. Others see roadblocks as part of their job or the task at hand and learn to deal with them. And for other people, the desire to solve a problem impacting their daily work fires up their imagination.

Chad Waite came across a problem while working in partner marketing that lacked an obvious and easy-to-use solution. Many of his partners wanted co-branded materials to use in their own marketing efforts. So many materials, in fact, that his colleagues in creative couldn’t possibly deliver what was needed.

That experience led Chad to start PieceKeeper, a platform that helps marketers keep their promotional materials on brand and in compliance, without requiring a designer to make every single tweak along the way.

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In this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, Chad shares his story as a marketer turned martech entrepreneur. If you’ve ever thought about solving a seemingly unsolvable problem at work by building the solution and turning it into a calling, this one’s for you.

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2:56: Chad shares the story of PieceKeeper

6:37: What is it like to go from marketer to co-founder?

9:28: What has Chad learned from his start-up experience?

12:03: The role of customer feedback in a product-led start up.
Chad shares his thoughts on what’s ahead in 2023.

23:16: What are Chad’s favorite tools?

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