Why B2B Brands Need to Embrace Emotion and Education

Why B2B Brands Need to Embrace Emotion and Education

One of the challenges B2B marketers face today is the perception that their brand is boring. As a new generation of B2B buyers takes control of the market, many of the tried and true – but potentially stale – tactics that worked in the past might not produce the same results.

That’s why today you see more video content in B2B marketing, more brand building, and more top-of-the-funnel content that plays to emotions. This new generation of buyer expects the messages they see from B2B firms to be on par with B2C marketing.

In this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, we’re talking to Megan Noel of Trava Security about introducing humanity, emotion, and education into your B2B marketing.

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We’ll also discuss how Megan’s background in education helps her succeed with what she calls the “new marketing” and increases the appeal to Millennials and Gen X buyers who don’t research products and services by the same rules previous generations of B2B buyers used.

Episode Guide

1:38: How will B2B marketers adjust to the changing demographics of the B2B audience?
4:58: What is the biggest challenge Megan’s team will face in 2023?
9:30: What does marketing bring to Meghan’s interest in education and how does her background in education impact marketing?
12:44: What is Megan’s favorite tool?

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