5 Ways B2B Lead Gen Has Changed in the Past Decade

5 Ways B2B Lead Gen Has Changed in the Past Decade

B2B lead generation used to be straightforward. Vendors held almost all of the information, including the details on pricing and features. And in order to get access to that information, buyers gave up their contact details by filling in a form or making a phone call.

This is how many relationships between buyers and vendors were born. But a number of changes over the past 10 to 15 years are rewriting the rules of lead gen.

Buyers now have all of the control, with all of the world’s information at their fingertips. And one person filling out a form is hardly a sign of an imminent purchase (and likely never was) since B2B tech-buying decisions are almost never made by one person alone.

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In this episode of B2B Nation, Nathan Burke, CMO of cybersecurity vendor Axonius, shares with us the five ways he thinks B2B lead generation has changed in the past decade, what his company is doing to keep pace with the changes, his marketing challenges, and more.

Episode Guide

1:54: What does Nathan see as the goal of marketing in B2B?

3:00: The 5 things that have changed dramatically about lead gen in the past decade.

3:49: “The hamster wheel of doom.”

4:34: “Being broad isn’t working anymore.”

5:56: “Know where [prospects] are and lead them where they want to go.”

8:22: Hello, pipeline. Goodbye, MQLs and SQLs.

9:18: “Be clear, be unique, and stand out.”

10:05: What are Nathan’s biggest marketing challenges?

13:16: How is Axonius like a platypus?

17:04: How has the B2B tech-buying process changed since Nathan started his career?

20:00: Will we ever really have a return to in-person events?

26:33: What is Nathan’s favorite tool?

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