5 Easy Ways Your Brand Can Produce Leads

5 Easy Ways Your Brand Can Produce Leads

There are a ton of ways you can optimize your business to produce quality leads. Before we dive in too far, let’s cover the basics.

Generally speaking, if you want leads to come in, you have to provide a service people need and want. But, it’s not just your product that is going to drive leads, you have to provide a good experience too.

Therefore, branding is everything. Clear and consistent messaging can help you become a recognizable name in your field. A brand who perfects their product and doesn’t waste time trying to be everything at once will have a lot easier time becoming well-known in their industry. As a result, branding and communication becomes easier, and conversion rates go up because you are a trusted source.

In order to drive leads you need to first establish a good foundation. Meaning you need to have both a good product and great customer service. Those two things alone, if given enough attention and care can drive word of mouth, and produce leads.

But, if you sprinkle in some supplemental material, and create additional ways to engage with customers, you can spark even more opportunities to create leads.

What is lead generation?

Generally speaking, lead generation is simply the process of obtaining leads (a person/company who you want as a customer). Typically, the use of inbound and outbound marketing are used to bring awareness to a brand and to create interest in the product or service being provided.

Most lead generation today focuses on inbound marketing tactics and using strategies to attract people to the business on their own terms.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways to produce leads.

1. Webinars

There are quite a few ways to gain leads with a webinar. Between the online promotion and possible guest speakers, you have the opportunity to drive some serious traffic.

Let’s cover some of the basics of why hosting a webinar (or being a speaker on one) can help you increase leads.

First off, they are typically inexpensive. At the most, you may have to pay for a webinar hosting service. But, that generally doesn’t cost an arm and leg, and the results are usually well worth it.

Whether you are invited to host, or visa-versa. Guest hosting on a webinar can be a cross-promotional gig. Not only are you promoting to your customers, the other party is doing the same. Meaning you have the potential to be seen by a ton of new leads.

Webinars are great for everyone. And anyone who is researching in your niche may sign up for your webinar if it’s of value to them, even if they aren’t customer.

You can also save the video content as a resource for after the fact. Make it searchable and available, and it becomes a resource that keeps on giving. Or you can make it a recurring event to help you get new leads to sign up, again and again.

2. Review, Testimonials, Recommendations

Having your business reviews online is important. Because people search for reviews on products like yours daily, you need to be in the mix too.

In fact, a review may be the deciding factor for someone. Research has found that nearly 91% of people read online reviews, and 84% of those trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend.

Reviews and testimonials can increase your brand awareness too. By putting yourself out there, and allowing your reviews to be visible, you’re increasing your online footprint. Making it easier for you to be seen. You’ll probably even pop up in multiple searches for your type of business. Thus, increasing your chances of producing leads.

3. Content

Creating content is one of the best ways at increasing your leads. How? Every time you create a resource, you are increasing your social proof. While proving that you are an expert in the field (as long as your content is good!). Plus, you’re increasing your chances of being found online.

Creating and providing content and resources does take a little effort. But, the efforts are well worth it, and can pay off quickly.

Here are a few lead generating content ideas to try.

  • Blog – Most online businesses have a blog. Some blogs are information specifically about the business. Others, however, are generalized knowledge about the industry. The latter of the blogs usually bring in a variety of readers.
  • eBooks – An eBook is a great way to get people to give you their contact information. If you create an informative eBook, you’re proving your knowledge in the field. While also getting people to remember your name. Which is the concoction for lead generation.
  • Email campaigns – Similarly to eBooks, a good email campaign can generate leads. If you’ll get contact information, as well as the consent to email them… meaning your name and campaign will continuously pop up in front of them – reminding them of your business.
  • Engaging videos – People like visuals, and video content is on the rise. The trick here is creating someone worth watching, not just another video to fill up space. If you can create something that really engages customers, you’ll pave the way for leads as well.

4. Referrals

One of the easiest ways to get leads is to use the power of your existing customers. In fact, your customers are likely to share you with their friends who need your product anyway. And when the right referral program ideas are used and implemented, this word of mouth increases even more.

Why are referral programs great for producing leads?

You may find it counterintuitive to focus on nurturing the relationships with your current customers over bringing in new ones. But recommendations from friends are one of the most preferred ways of advertising. This is because people trust their friends, and this trusts creates high quality leads.

A referral program helps prime customers to invite their friends within your existing marketing campaigns. Plus, if you’re using referral marketing software, you’ll have a ton of easy sharing options available to customers.

Bonus: Leads(referrals) are more likely to convert and remain loyal customers! Plus, those who do the referring are likely to remain loyal customers too!

5. Forms

The easiest way to get a lead is to collect meaningful information about them. We have touched on this previously, but forms give you all the information you need to build your relationship with a lead.

If you’re offering content, a rewards program, or something that people will sign up for, use it to your advantage. If you get someone to subscribe to your blog or newsletter, it will be easier for you to turn them into a customer.

Why is this so? These people know who you are, making them prime leads, as they are easier to convert than a ‘stranger’. The information you collect gives you insight into who is interested in your product. Further helping you create better marketing strategies to convert down the road.


If you have a great product and consistently provide great customer service, you’ll probably have a good flow of leads and word of mouth already. If you provide those happy customers with content to share that can trickle back to you, you’ll be gaining leads and building up your social proof. If you play your cards just right, you’ll find that you won’t have to advertise on your own, your customers and online presence will do it for you.

Megan Mosley is the marketing specialist at Referral Rock. Who believes every business has the potential to increase their word of mouth. When she’s not thinking about word of mouth, she’s drinking coffee and exploring with her family. Catch up with her on Twitter.

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