Why You Need Brand to Support Demand in B2B Marketing

Why You Need Brand to Support Demand in B2B Marketing

Branding might be the most undervalued aspect of B2B marketing. Just take a look at any list of the dominant brands in the world, and you might see a B2B brand or two, but branding remains synonymous with the B2C world.

But the lack of investment in branding is putting many B2B brands at a disadvantage. Demand generation is the dominant marketing philosophy in the B2B space, and your demand gen efforts are much more effective when your brand works to support demand.

Without brand recognition and trust, B2B buyers are much less likely to respond to demand gen tactics and give up personal information.

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On this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, we talk to Jordan Liebman, Vice President, Global Demand Generation and Brand Marketing at Blue Jeans by Verizon. Among the topics we discuss are the state of branding in B2B marketing; Jordan’s career journey, from agency to brand and from B2C to B2B; and the trend toward consumer-like B2B experiences and more.



Episode Guide

2:40: Why Blue Jeans by Verizon provides self-service B2B purchases for its customers

7:34: Jordan discusses his career path, from agency to brand and B2C to B2B

13:19: What do B2B organizations get wrong about branding?

18:37: How does brand support demand gen tactics in B2B marketing?

21:39: What are Jordan’s goals for his team, brand and himself for 2023?

24:15: What is Jordan’s favorite tool?

27:01: What’s the short-term future for popular social media platforms?

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