How Business Users Change the Game of B2B Marketing

How Business Users Change the Game of B2B Marketing

Twenty years ago, software vendors that wanted to sell into an enterprise organization would target the tech team and its leadership. They could develop and distribute whitepapers and product guides, and attend the conferences where technology leaders went to talk shop.

Today, everyone is a software buyer. And that requires a radical shift in the way software vendors market their tools, support their customers, and even develop their products.

On this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, we’re talking to John Ragsdale, Distinguished Researcher, Vice President of Technology Ecosystems at Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA). John and his team spend their time helping enterprise technology companies that are TSIA members evaluate their own business and technology needs.

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With business buyers now playing such a prominent role in technology purchases, many enterprise software brands find themselves struggling to provide consumer-like experiences in their marketing, customer success, and sales motions.

John discusses these challenges and more in our 35-minute conversation.


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4:27: What do the technology companies John recommends to TSIA members have in common?

9:15: John identifies an under-valued revenue source for tech brands.

10:31: How business buyers have upended the world of software marketing.

13:22: What are the biggest barriers to providing top-notch customer experience in tech?

18:58: What are the growth opportunities technology companies are not taking advantage of?

24:45: What guidance does John provide to TSIA members that the B2B Nation audience would benefit from hearing?

26:30: Why software vendors have gone sour on customization.

30:50: What is John’s favorite tool?

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