How Economic Conditions Help You Rethink Your Marketing

How Economic Conditions Help You Rethink Your Marketing

Resource constraints are hitting B2B marketers hard. The teams are often smaller than they were two years ago. The tools are fewer. But the goals are often headed in the other direction.

Many marketers are tired of hearing “Do more with less.” And a better approach to economic uncertainty might be rethinking what your company is doing to see if it still makes sense. That’s true in both your messaging, where prospects are in a different reality than they were two years ago, and in your tactics.

In this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, we’re talking with Ting Ting Luo, VP of Marketing at Orum, a sales tech company that aims to make sales calls as efficient as email.

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Among the topics we discuss: Ting Ting’s career journey from management consulting in one economic downturn to VP of marketing in another; building the marketing team at Orum from the ground up, and the challenges her team faces when marketing to prospects whose tech investments are under increasing scrutiny from executives.



Episode Guide

2:40: How did beginning her career during the 2008-2009 downturn impact Ting Ting’s career journey?

5:00: Does the volume of information at people’s fingertips help or hamper their outreach efforts?

9:19: How the new dynamics of tech purchases change the sales-marketing dynamic.

12:00: How macroeconomic conditions are affecting the buyers’ journey.

14:49: How Ting Ting built her marketing team at Orum.

17:30: What are the most significant challenges facing Ting Ting and her team?

21:05: What are Ting Ting’s favorite tools?

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