Do We Under-Value ‘Experience’ in our B2B Marketing Efforts?

Do We Under-Value ‘Experience’ in our B2B Marketing Efforts?

Content marketing is one of the most popular and effective marketing tactics in B2B, but has the content evolved to keep up with the audiences?

Experiences and interactivity are more commonly found in B2C marketing efforts where the audience is large and the resources are often more plentiful than in the B2B space. It’s simply difficult to justify the cost of the developers and designers needed to create interactive experiences.

Juan Rubio is the CEO and co-founder at Genially, a platform that allows users to create interactive experiences without the need to code or have a deep understanding of design. The idea for Genially came from Juan’s background as a biologist, where he longed for affordable tools that made complex topics like climate change and green energy easier to understand.

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In this episode of B2B Nation, we are talking to Juan about the opportunity for interactive content creation, where interactive experiences go from here, and what Juan loves about what he does.

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2:58: Why don’t we see more interactive content in B2B marketing?

7:03: “When we are talking about communication, we’re talking about marketing and learning.”

7:40: Where do interactive content and experiences go from here?

8:55: What does Juan think is the best part of what he does?

10:08: What is Juan’s favorite tool?

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