12 Things Your Field Service Company Website Should Have to Convert More Prospects

12 Things Your Field Service Company Website Should Have to Convert More Prospects

If you’re a field service company, chances are that the last thing on your priority list is creating a sustainable web presence — and you’re not alone here. However, there are some simple steps you can follow to let your website stand out from the competition.
Here are 12 things your field service company website should have to convert more prospects.

1. Explain All of Your Services

If you’re a service technician, it’s important that you explain all of the services you offer to your customers. You should make your services easily navigable on your site and provide detailed information for each of them.

2. Describe Your Process Clearly

Every field service business is different, and every homeowner has certain requirements they expect from their service providers. A detailed walkthrough of your service process will instill the confidence they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

3. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website Design

In today’s technological landscape, it’s imperative that your website has an intuitive and mobile-friendly design to support all the latest trends in mobile browsing. More customers are now searching for products and services from their smartphones and tablets than with desktop computers. Your website should cater to this fact by creating an easily navigable format that is optimized for smaller screens.

4. Showcase Your Work

Showcasing images of your previous work and other forms of visual collateral is a great way to make your website stand out. Most people prefer websites that are visually appealing. Using images that show actual results of your services can further help to create more interested leads.

5. Provide Customer Testimonials

Reviews and customer testimonials are the backbone of nearly every industry, especially field service companies. Once you start receiving positive feedback about your services, make sure you showcase those testimonials on your website on your home and service offerings pages.

6. Create a Call to Action

CTA (call to action) is another important element to add to your website. According to Unbounce, when companies list a CTA next to the service they offer, they typically see a 41 percent increase in conversions. Add a button that says “click here for more details” or “book an appointment” to help guide the customer to the next step.

7. Embed a Customer Contact Form

Embedded contact forms are a great way to get all the pertinent customer information you need for follow-ups. This is a great place to link your CTAs to and should be detailed enough to get all the information you require — without being overly tedious for the customer.

8. Design a Company About Us Page

Regardless of how big or small your company is, you should make sure that your website makes it clear how customers can get the information they need. About Us pages can have multiple formats, but typically they provide company address and other info, hours of operation, pricing details, and phone numbers.

9. Make It Easy to Get a Hold of You

Make it easy for your customers to contact you by providing several forms of communication on your website, including phone numbers, email addresses and Skype address. If your business has the means, establishing a “Live Chat” window is another great way to engage with customers.

10. Build an Email Subscriber List

Building an email subscriber list is a smart way to stay in touch with your customers. You can do this on your site directly or by embedding this functionality into your form requests. Be sure to ask permission before sending out any marketing emails, however.

11. Create a Blog and Post Often

Blogs are a great way to develop an audience by providing them with important industry news and information about your company. Create content as often as possible and update your blog regularly. Engaging content is a good way to highlight the importance of your products and services.

12. Link to Social Media Accounts

You should use social media to answer customer questions, share testimonials and talk about your services. You should also make sure that your accounts are properly linked on your website so your customers can access the feeds easily. Maintaining a well-organized and functional website can be extremely beneficial for field service companies. By taking these steps, you can help generate qualified leads to your organization and convert more prospects.

Josh Nadeau is a contributing writer for mHelpDesk, a top-rated field service management solution. He is an experienced sales and marketing professional with specializations in SMB/SME development, internet technology, cybersecurity, digital marketing and SEO.

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