Fintech Creates Innovation in Finance and B2B Marketing

Fintech Creates Innovation in Finance and B2B Marketing

The old financial services model, which relied heavily on bank branches and paper checks, is quickly disappearing in favor of cashless, contactless payments. Even credit cards, which traditionally required a piece of plastic in your wallet, are now saved in web browsers and created on the fly for certain purchases.

Leading the charge into this new era of financial services were finance-focused tech companies that are collectively known as “fintech.” While many of the old guard of financial services players are modernizing to keep pace (some through fintech acquisitions), fintech is still the source of much of the innovation that often takes place in this space .

In this episode of B2B Nation, we talk to Tucker Stoffers of Divvy about how his team markets its fintech solutions and how B2B marketing for people in finance roles differs from tech roles.

Episode Guide

2:40: The challenges and opportunities of marketing in the B2B space.

3:51: “People just don’t bank the way they did 10 or 20 years ago.”

5:36: Which channels, tactics, and messages are resonating in fintech?

8:46: How fintech reduces friction for finance roles.

9:50: What’s the biggest change in Tucker’s 10 years in B2B marketing?

12:50: The role of the dark funnel and dark social in the future of B2B marketing.

13:46: What is Tucker’s favorite tool?

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