How B2B Firms Can Improve Customer Retention with Loyalty Program

How B2B Firms Can Improve Customer Retention with Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty and rewards programs might seem like a tactic best suited for credit cards and coffee shops, but any organization looking to improve its customer retention and grow its brand can benefit from a loyalty program.

In this episode of B2B Nation, we talk to Valerie Smyk, chief revenue officer of Kangaroo Rewards, about how businesses of all sizes and industries can use loyalty and rewards to grow their business.

We’ll be discussing how loyalty programs can help your business improve brand affinity, increase average deal size, incentivize customer referrals, and more.

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Episode Guide

2:00: How difficult is it to start and maintain a loyalty program?

6:28: What don’t most people know about loyalty programs?

10:50: The messages that resonate with companies exploring loyalty programs.

13:07: “You can reward spending behaviors and also behaviors that are intrinsic to your brand values.”

14:20: Using loyalty programs to increase customer referrals.

15:46: “Advertising will help you bring in a customer, and a loyalty program will help you keep them.”

16:43: Loyalty programs for any industry.

19:06: “Everything that is loyalty and rewards comes back to psychology.”

21:50: What is Valerie’s favorite tool?

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