Where Does ABM Go from Here?

Where Does ABM Go from Here?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is such an integral part of the strategy for so many B2B marketing teams that it is hard to understand how marketing worked before it burst onto the scene.

The early promises of ABM included increased efficiency and better alignment between marketing and sales. When marketing knows exactly which accounts it needs to target, there’s less wasted effort. And when sales and marketing collaborate to identify those accounts, they are (in theory) on the same page.

Today, B2B marketing is in a new phase of ABM. Beyond identifying accounts to target, marketers are combining account names with other forms of data, such as intent, to fine-tune their list even more.

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On this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, we talk to Randi Barshack, CMO of ABM platform vendor Rollworks, about the evolution of ABM, how her team works to stand out in the very crowded market for marketing technology, and how marketers should approach their work in a weak economy.

Episode Guide

1:52: Have we reached the point where ABM is now the standard for B2B marketing?

5:13: Does Randi think ABM has helped align marketing and sales?

8:33: How does Randi help her brand break through the noise in the crowded martech space?

12:13: Randi’s advice for maintaining and growing demand in a down economy.

15:58: What is Randi’s favorite tool?

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