How To Get More BOFU Leads

How To Get More BOFU Leads
Everyone wants BOFU leads. Everyone wants to build that marketing funnel that works on its own and produces thousands of BANT-qualified leads a month that are just dying to purchase your product.
Your customers, hopefully. But the hard truth of marketing is that BOFU leads are in high demand. Marketers consider these leads the most valuable, and lead generation companies will charge a premium for them.
It’s basic economics. Demand + scarcity = expensive product.
Whether you buy leads, diamonds, or gourmet donuts, the laws of economics say that high demand combined with high scarcity makes for an expensive product. BOFU leads are both in-demand and rare, so you should expect to pay more for them. If you want a lot of BOFU leads, you’re either going to have to buy them at the market rate, or you’ll need to generate them organically. Want a sustainable marketing strategy that keeps sales busy and produces a lot of revenue? Do both.

Build and buy your lead supply

Surprise! I’m putting the conclusion right here at the beginning. Instead of making you choose between build or buy, let’s settle this question once and for all. You have to do both. You have to build an organic lead generation machine that nurtures leads through all stages of the funnel, and you need to purchase leads to supplement what you can gather organically.

The perks and problems of building your lead supply

The perks of building a funnel that provides you with a fresh supply of organic leads:
  • It works for organic and purchased leads. Whether they find you on their own or you purchase their information, an established funnel does the same thing: move leads toward a purchase.
  • It is sustainable. Even if you have to find a new lead provider or your whole marketing team quits at once (heaven forbid, but it happens), an established funnel can still drive traffic for sales to follow up on.
  • Once it’s built, it takes minor maintenance rather than complete overhauls
The problems of building your funnel for organic leads:
  • It takes strategy and planning, which can mean a significant time investment.
  • You have to test and retest, work and rework your assets to get it right

The perks and problems of buying your lead supply

The perks of purchasing leads:
  • You get the leads quickly
  • If you purchase leads at the top of the funnel (TOFU), you can get leads fairly inexpensively
The problems with purchasing leads:
  • BOFU leads are expensive and one-time use
  • Leads alone won’t get you far. Calling TOFU leads with the intention of getting an immediate sale can ruin your reputation, and you’ll need sales enablement assets to support your sales reps, anyway.

Build your organic lead supply with a really good funnel — before you buy leads

A well-planned funnel will attract potential customers at any stage of the buying process. It will effectively generate interest in your product and move target audience members toward a purchase. A really good funnel includes:
  • An informative website
  • Website calls to action that clearly direct your audience to the move you want them to take next
  • Website content that presents their problem clearly and offers helpful solutions
  • Marketing content assets that you can use as lead generation and lead scoring tools
  • Sales content assets that produce an informed audience for sales follow-up
  • Lead scoring tools that alert you when a prospect may be ready for outreach
  • Marketing automation tools that push content on request and at regular intervals to sustain engagement
  • An email newsletter that engages existing contacts
  • Social media accounts that attract new audience members to your website
Once that’s built, you can
  1. Strategize the best ways to nurture your leads all the way through the funnel
  2. Continue to publish content in multiple formats that helps leads at all stages of the funnel
  3. Purchase leads from a reliable vendor (like TechnologyAdvice) that can support your growing organic traffic while keeping revenue flowing in the door
There are many companies out there — TechnologyAdvice included — who want to sell you leads. But we also want you to be successful with the leads we sell you, so you can come back and buy more leads. We will always suggest that you have a nurture funnel in place before you purchase leads. TechnologyAdvice sales executives will even help you with advice on how to improve your existing funnel to get the most out of our leads.

Enlist a partner in getting more BOFU leads

Even the best marketing funnel is limited in its audience. TechnologyAdvice can help your marketing team raise awareness of your product or even find you those highly-coveted and rare BOFU leads your sales team demands. Let’s talk about how we can help you to find your hidden audiences through content syndication or increase your sales opportunities with Highly Qualified Leads.
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