Why You Should Automate Your Lead Management

Why You Should Automate Your Lead Management
Every content marketer’s goal is to have their content positively impact their business. The theory is that quality content plus social interaction will result in better connects with customers. But with so much content being created, how can a marketer keep up with daily demands for both content and lead generation? That’s where marketing automation tools come in. Alison Groves, Zapier’s Community Lead, has some valuable insight on how to automate your lead generation process. Zapier provides a suite of nearly 400 available apps to help content marketers connect separate apps to accomplish new — and maybe even surprising — results. According to Groves, “Zapier takes any app that you use in your daily life and helps connect them together.” Essentially, this means an end user could connect social apps to email, or spreadsheets, or project management — Zapier bridges the gap between seemingly separate apps. Zapier really shines when it comes to versatility. The web app helps businesses accomplish feats that may have otherwise required custom coding. Since Zapier offers connections between so many different types of apps, a company can discover or create a customized solution for their individual needs. Linking apps leads to better marketing   When considering what apps should be used by a company looking to better integrate their content marketing with their lead generation, Groves suggests beginning with the end in mind and considering the following questions before landing on specific solutions:
  • Do we only need to collect email addresses?
  • Do we need to collect more specific customer information?
  • Do we need to track social media growth?
  • Do we need to automate emails based on customer interactions?
After those questions have been answered, content marketers can then look at the apps their company uses to see what beneficial connections can be made via Zapier. For instance, the company could automate a Wufoo email signup form to:
  • Create a lead within Salesforce, Pipedrive, or Streak
  • Create a new list member in MailChimp
  • Store the information in a Google Spreadsheet
These are simple solutions, but they highlight the flexibility that Zapier offers. With this process automated, sales teams can reach out to leads faster, which improves their likelihood of closing a deal. This is how connecting platforms– like an email form and your CRM —  can help content grow into lead generation vehicles.
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