How to Market AI Outside the Tech Sector

How to Market AI Outside the Tech Sector

Businesses in the technology sector understand the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) better than most. But the full scope of AI’s potential lies beyond tech, in industries that have been slower to adopt tools that can rapidly analyze data and help manage risk.

The construction industry, for example, touches almost everything we do. But it’s an unlikely place to find tools like predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. But like any area of the economy, construction companies and their leaders are interested in tools that will help increase speed, better manage costs, and make more efficient use of resources.And that’s where artificial intelligence can help.

Stephanie Seril is VP of Marketing at Avvir, which uses AI to help construction companies and their clients compare projects to digital twins and identify errors long before they become expensive and time-consuming to fix.

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On this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, Stephanie talks about the challenges Avvir faces in its marketing, how marketing tech to an industry like construction differs from her days in Silicon Valley, and why steel-toed boots are now part of her work attire.

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2:10: Stephanie explains what Avvir’s technology does and who uses it

4:08: What are some of the challenges Stephanie and her team face when marketing Avvir’s solutions?

7:51: How does marketing tech outside of the tech industry compare to Stephanie’s roles in tech?

10:07: What are the most effective messages and tactics for Avvir?

14:46: What is Stephanie’s favorite tool?

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