How to Launch Influencer Marketing in B2B

How to Launch Influencer Marketing in B2B

For decades, businesses hired famous people like actors and athletes to work as the face of their brand and influence their target markets. It was largely a one-way relationship because that’s how the media worked at the time.

Influencer marketing is a new twist on the idea for a new medium. Online influencers aren’t famous in the same way that Ronald Reagan was when he was the face of General Electric. If you’re over a certain age, you probably have no idea who most of today’s influencers even are.

But influencer marketing is quite common in B2C circles, and now it’s coming to B2B. On this episode of B2B Nation, we talk to Patrick Quinn of BigCommerce about how to design and launch an influencer marketing campaign for your brand.

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Episode Guide

2:17: How does Patrick define influencer marketing for B2B?

3:52: How does influencer marketing differ from the paid spokesperson?

6:14: How should marketers get started with influencer marketing?

9:24: How influencer marketing has evolved to become a strategy.

11:41: How to judge success: viral vs the slow burn.

14:35: How do you vet influencers for your campaign?

20:45: What is Patrick’s favorite tool?

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