Infographic: How to Build an Unstoppable Lead Generation Machine

Infographic: How to Build an Unstoppable Lead Generation Machine

For most B2B companies, lead generation is the engine that drives profit. If you want that engine to run at maximum capacity, you need to make sure all the smaller components are in working order. That means having the right tools in place, balancing programs across multiple channels and lead sources, and maintaining close alignment between marketing and sales.

According to a recent study by Ascend2, the most important objectives for an effective lead generation strategy are:

  • Improving the quality of leads (70 percent)
  • Increasing sales revenue (58 percent)
  • Increasing the number of leads (54 percent)

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The infographic below provides a detailed breakdown of how to build a strategy that fulfills these objectives, as well as how each component works together to power your lead gen machine.

With lead generation, as any marketing or sales effort, the most important thing to remember is that the work is never done. Test, test, and test again. Because while the general workings of lead gen may be universal, the nuances that drive your success will differ. 


Still building your lead generation machine?

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