How to Market Your Tech to Software Developers

How to Market Your Tech to Software Developers

Software developers are the builders in their organizations, and like a lot of builders, they feel strongly about their tools. You can’t market to software developers the way you market to senior business leaders.

Developers are more hands-on. They like to try before they buy. And marketing to software developers often means taking a bottom-up approach to selling your tech. Get your tools in the hands of the builders, and they will show their leaders what’s possible.

On this episode of B2B Nation, we’re talking to Yonatan Shelach of JFrog about how to market to software developers, what some marketers fail to understand about developers, and the outsized role developers play in the decision-making process in many organizations.

Episode Guide

2:26: The challenges of targeting software developers

4:05: What does Yonatan think businesses fail to understand about developers?

5:34: What’s been Yonatan’s most effective strategy for generating demand over the past two years?

6:43: What is the most important skill in B2B marketing today?

8:27: What is Yonatan’s favorite tool?

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