Top Training Resources for Channel Marketers

Top Training Resources for Channel Marketers

As organizations make the permanent shift to hybrid workstyles, there’s more demand than ever for new technology solutions. Since working directly with a software company doesn’t offer the right support for many companies, many of these organizations rely on implementation agencies to help them deploy and adopt the resources they need.

That leaves channel marketers with an exciting opportunity to differentiate their services and support more clients. But, some of the strategies that channel marketers have used in the past are falling short in 2022. 

Channel marketers need to learn new tactics to generate more leads. Learning from other experienced channel marketers in a great way to discover new B2B marketing strategies and improve your skills. 

Here are the top 5 marketing training certifications for channel marketers. 

1. Dual Certification from the American Marketing Association

In 2022, every marketer needs to be well-rounded and knowledgeable about different marketing tactics. Channel marketers can discover new opportunities for growth by becoming T-shaped marketers with the Professional Certification in Digital Marketing + the Professional Certified Marketer program from the American Marketing Association.

As one of the most well-known and respected certifications in the industry, this is a great opportunity to boost your skills and gain a new perspective on your marketing strategy. However, this certification is far from the only option the American Marketing Association offers. Take their free skills test to help you choose the right certification to take your existing skills to the next level.

2. Certificate in Channel Marketing from the Channel Institute

Getting started in Channel Marketing can be tricky; often, B2C marketers and more traditional B2B professionals don’t have the right context to resell a technology product. The Certificate in Channel Marketing from the Channel Institute is designed with these beginning and intermediate channel marketers in mind. This channel marketing certification offers a great way to expand your skills and learn the fundamentals of reselling partner products.

But, the Channel Institute supports more than just beginners; they also offer certifications in Channel Sales and Co-Marketing, which can provide new insight into how channel marketing can enable sales. As everyone becomes a tech buyer and the traditional process evolves for channel sales, marketers need this additional context to appeal to new audiences and support their sales and implementation teams. 

3. Channel Marketing Trainings at TechRepublic Academy

Learning more about channel marketing doesn’t have to take tons of time or money; skip the lengthy certification courses and strengthen your skills with affordable Channel Marketing Trainings from the TechRepublic Academy instead.

These supplemental marketing classes are a great addition to support wider-reaching certification programs and learn new tactics for email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and more. One-off classes on specific marketing topics can give you new ideas to enhance your current strategy and teach you the hard skills you need to implement and test new marketing practices. 

4. Marketing Channel Strategy Certification from Emory University

As B2B marketing evolves, companies are forced to rethink the strategies they’ve used in the past. However, while many channel marketers are experienced in specific tactics, they may not have a robust understanding of what makes buyers tick and how to create an innovative strategy that works.  

This Marketing Channel Strategy Certification from Emory University goes beyond teaching new tactics to focus on teaching more complex topics, like routes-to-market and the fundamentals behind why channel marketing works. While this course is more academic than tactical, the knowledge you acquire in this certification course can help you enhance your existing channel marketing strategy and reimagine what tactics to try in 2022. 

Plus, a certification from an accredited university can significantly boost your resume and introduce new skills you can leverage in your current job. This handy certification is a great way to prepare for your next promotion and to practice your strategy skills.

5. Instructor-Led Training Workshops through Channel Dynamics

Experienced channel marketers are always looking to enhance their skills and expand their current strategy, but their training needs are often different from their less-experienced peers. Instructor-led workshops offer an opportunity for channel marketers to immerse themselves in advanced channel marketing and management strategies with experts in the field. 

That’s exactly what Channel Dynamics offers with their multi-day Training Workshops. These traditional channel management workshops offer an interactive learning experience where participants can ask questions based on their own business and gain new insight into strengthening their current strategy. This organization offers a variety of courses online and in-person to help expert marketers improve their messaging, presentations, and sales processes.

Enhance Your Skills with the Right Training Resources

In 2022, the expectations facing channel marketers are changing. As more implementation organizations pop up, channel marketers are called to elevate their strategy to appeal to new tech buyers and differentiate their brand. Meanwhile, they’re still responsible for promoting their partner brand and supporting their sales and implementation teams.

Evolving their marketing strategy often requires a new perspective, which marketers can gain through channel marketing training and certification programs. Upskilling is essential to becoming a better channel marketer, and these programs are a great place to start when you’re ready to enhance your skills. Enroll in a new training opportunity today and learn new ways to enhance your company’s marketing strategy.  

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