Tips for Leadership and Coaching to Guide the Next Generation of B2B Marketers

Tips for Leadership and Coaching to Guide the Next Generation of B2B Marketers

Where will the next generation of B2B marketers come from? It’s likely a good number of them are starting their careers at agencies, where they work long hours serving demanding clients, and – let’s be honest – doing the grunt work of the B2B marketing business.

If these young marketers are fortunate enough to work for good leaders and people invested in being mentors and coaches, they will be at a tremendous advantage whether their career path keeps them in B2B marketing or takes them elsewhere.

In this week’s episode of B2B Nation, we talk to Pedro Ramos, Executive Director of Performance at OMD EMEA, about leadership in the B2B marketing space, and how coaching and mentoring helped him grow his career.

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We’ll also discuss some of the conversations young marketers will be jumping into as they start their careers, including humanizing B2B marketing, the challenges of leadership in an industry that changes so quickly, and more.

Episode Guide

1:35: What makes for effective leadership in an environment like a B2B agency?

3:48: Leading teams through times of change, in B2B marketing or the world in general.

7:10: How do you lead through something you’ve never experienced before?

8:39: What did Pedro learn from mentors and coaches in his career?

11:33: Pedro’s advice for people just starting their careers at an agency.

13:55: What gets Pedro excited about 2022 from a business perspective?

17:30: Will 2022 bring a focus back on the B2B buyers?

21:17: Are Pedro’s favorite tool and the tool he can’t work without one and the same?

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