Zero-Party Data and the Future of Interactive Content

Zero-Party Data and the Future of Interactive Content

Online quizzes and product builders seemed to find a home on the Internet the week after it was invented. And while you might joke about the answer you received when you took that quiz about the type of superhero you would be or the pet dinosaur you should own, you’re generating real data when you answer those questions.

Data generated on a company’s website and then used by that company is called zero-party data, and it’s valuable because no one else has it. That makes zero-party data a goldmine for marketers.

In this episode of B2B Nation, we talk to Saksam Sharda, creative director and CIO at, about zero-party data and the future of interactive content. While quizzes and product selection tools are almost as old as the Internet itself, the future of interactive content could someday include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and personalization at scale.

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Imagine combining the power of AI technology with an easy-to-use, low-code, or no-code platform everyone can use. That makes generating third-party data at scale possible and drives business outcomes. What kind of superhero are you then?

Episode Guide

2:23: What is the killer application for interactive content? Is it zero-party data generation?

4:30: What is’s approach to interactive content?

6:00: Where does interactive content go from here?

8:18: What has the Internet forgotten about the way people choose products?

10:25: What did Saksham learn about marketing over the past two years?

13:30: What is Saksham’s favorite tool?

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