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Our experienced editors and writers provide in-depth, up-to-the-minute insights and reporting across a diverse range of B2B technology topics.

Mary Weilage

Director of Content


Mary Weilage has more than 25 years of editorial experience, mostly focusing on the tech industry. In addition to being an award-winning editor who has worked on various types of content including news and long-form features, she has been a people manager, a mentor and a project and strategy leader. She has worked on TechRepublic since 1999 when it was a startup.

Tressa Richards

Associate Director of Content

Fit Small Business

Tressa Richards is the Associate Director of Content for the Sales, Marketing, Real Estate, and Office Tech topic teams on She works with the editorial teams to ensure high-quality content production that provides the best answer to readers’ questions. With more than 10 years of experience in B2B content marketing, she has worked as a writer, editor, strategist, and content leader, including within the small business marketing space. She focuses on building and developing strong editorial teams that help fuel business success.

Web Webster

Associate Director of Content

Project Management | TechnologyAdvice

Managing editor and associate director of content Web Webster has more than 30 years of professional experience as a strategy-driven project team leader, writer, and editor, covering project management software and methodologies, B2B and B2C SaaS and product solutions, consumer technology, marcomm, healthcare, fintech, emerging technologies.

Charlette Buie

Associate Director of Content

Fit Small Business

Charlette Buie is Associate Director of Content for the Accounting, HR, Retail, Finance, and Insurance topics on, where she works to develop and support editorial leaders on their mission to deliver the best answer to our readers in their areas of expertise. She has more than 10 years of publishing experience between magazines and websites. She’s written columns about local small businesses, digital content on payroll, HR, and technology, and helped businesses in various industries strategize and successfully execute on creating quality content for their online blogs.

Meghan Lafferty

Associate Director of Content

Enterprise IT Group

Meghan Lafferty is the associate director of content for TechnologyAdvice's enterprise IT–focused websites. Meghan supports the writers and editors for the sites to provide the best, most comprehensive answers to readers' questions, and she also serves as the managing editor for two of the sites, eSecurity Planet and Channel Insider. Prior to joining TechnologyAdvice, Meghan worked for Selling Signals, an online publication geared toward B2B sales professionals, and a healthcare trade publication, as well as multiple nonprofit organizations.

Gina Baker

Content Strategist

The Close

Meet Gina, our Real Estate Content Strategist at The Close. With real estate licenses in New York and New Jersey, she’s a subject matter expert in real estate education, lead generation, marketing, and investing. Also, a former Head of Learning and Agent Development at a real estate brokerage, Gina combines her experience as a high school English teacher with her real estate prowess. Now spearheading content strategy, she brings expertise and flair to strategy, research, and content creation.

Caitlin Candelmo

Director of Site Strategy


As the Director of Site Strategy for, Caitlin brings over 13 years of publishing experience to develop and execute a vision for DZone’s burgeoning community of developers. DZone’s user-generated content aligns with the software development lifecycle and is published in various formats. From DZone’s Trend Reports, to Refcards, to site articles, to events, to the various community programs, Caitlin focuses on connecting all of its content to the one common denominator — the pulse of the DZone community — peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Caitlin has worked in various software development content and community-driven roles with DZone for over 5 years, and she also has experience working as a project manager on a university’s web team, as well as a textbook editor and project manager for various publishing houses.

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