How AI Can Improve Revenue Team Processes and Results

How AI Can Improve Revenue Team Processes and Results

A surprising number of the daily activities that take place on revenue teams remain manual. Sellers still create reminders to follow up with prospects or customers. Data is manually entered into CRM applications and other tools, increasing the likelihood of human error in the process.

It’s a little hard to believe when you think about it. The combination of automation and business process tools was supposed to save us from all of this, wasn’t it?

In this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica, joins us to talk about Revenue Digital Assistants (RDAs). These assistants are AI-powered bots that can take some of the manual, time-consuming tasks that hold back marketing, sales, and customer success teams. They don’t get tired, sick, or stressed. And they can work at a scale that most revenue teams can’t replicate.

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Jim also discusses the cultural shifts that make it possible for companies to deploy AI-powered assistants, the messaging that helps his team appeal to revenue leaders, and more.

Episode Guide

5:22: Why do revenue organizations still have so many manual processes?

9:28: How do digital assistants work for revenue teams?

21:31: How comfortable are businesses using AI in their revenue organization?

26:03: Which messages are resonating with Conversica’s customers?

30:18: What is Jim’s favorite tool?

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