How to Get Your Organization Started with Revenue Operations

How to Get Your Organization Started with Revenue Operations

Many organizations are putting Revenue Operations roles in place and growing the role into an entire team. But confusion around the RevOps role, the functions it performs, and where it goes as the revenue team matures continue to be an issue at many organizations.

Revenue Operations is not the same as a Salesforce Admin, but in-depth knowledge of your organization’s CRM is vital to the role. Nor is RevOps simply a sales operations job, as it should support the entire revenue organization from marketing to customer success. And maybe that’s why a definition of RevOps is so hard to develop.

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In this episode of B2B Nation, we talk to revenue operator Asia Corbett from Bread Financial about how to grow the RevOps function at your organization, how to grow into a RevOps role yourself, and how RevOps will evolve in the short and the long term.

Episode Guide

2:15: Asia’s thoughts on getting started in RevOps

4:49: The first step in developing a RevOps roadmap

7:43: What are the common misconceptions around the RevOps role?

10:40: What kind of experience makes someone a good fit for RevOps?

14:47: What would we be discussing about RevOps one year from now?

18:00: What is Asia’s favorite tool?

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