How to Make the Transition from Lead Gen to Demand Gen

How to Make the Transition from Lead Gen to Demand Gen

Moving your marketing from a lead gen strategy built on MQLs to a demand gen strategy built on revenue and pipeline is often discussed in B2B marketing circles. But if you’re making the transition, it needs to go deeper than the label.

Among the challenges you’ll face in the process are communicating the benefits of demand generation to a leadership team that likely favored the concrete results of lead generation over the abstract nature of branding. You may need to take a look at your martech stack and see how it needs to be updated alongside your strategy. And let’s not forget: you need to show results.

In this episode of B2B Nation, Adam Holmgren from GetAccept joins us to discuss his transition from lead gen to demand gen and how he helps other marketers in the EMEA region make the pivot. Among the topics we’ll discuss are the state of demand gen in Europe, how demand gen differs from lead generation and branding, and whether martech is too often guiding the strategy in B2B marketing.

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Episode Guide

3:20: What are some distinctions between lead gen and demand gen?

4:55: Does Adam make a distinction between brand awareness and demand gen?

6:54: What is a relatively easy change SaaS marketers could make with a big ROI?

8:32: How much is martech leading the strategy in B2B?

11:50: What is Adam’s favorite tool?

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