How to Set Women Up for Success in Revenue Roles

How to Set Women Up for Success in Revenue Roles

How are we going to develop the next generation of female revenue leaders? It’s a complicated question because the lack of women in revenue leadership roles today makes it hard to develop leaders for tomorrow.

Women are sorely underrepresented in leadership roles. And that’s as true of revenue teams as it is elsewhere in many organizations. Women in Sales Everywhere (WISE) developed out of a passion project at CloserIQ with the goal of developing female revenue leaders through mentoring, networking, and professional development opportunities.

In this episode of B2B Nation, we’re talking to Cassie Yettru, general manager of WISE, about supporting women so they can move into leadership roles on revenue teams, what women value most in career opportunities and the importance of clearly defined development opportunities.

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WISE’s individual membership program allows women in sales or sales-related roles to network with peers, find mentors, and attend exclusive member-only events. WISE is offering 10% off membership to all B2B Nation listeners using the code B2BNATION10 — learn more and apply here. Apply the discount code during checkout.

Episode Guide

2:19: Where was Cassie given support and encouragement in her career?

4:00: What are some of the aspects of a job women value compared to men?

5:19: Who is most likely to pursue professional development? And who should?

6:34: Why are younger professionals less likely to explore professional development?

8:45: Where is the market for HR tech, training, and professional development headed?

11:02: What is Cassie’s favorite tool?

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