How the Proptech Market is Changing the Real Estate Sector

How the Proptech Market is Changing the Real Estate Sector

Location, location, location. That’s the age-old advice given to real estate investors. And like the age-old advice given to many areas of life and business, today it’s often tweaked just a bit. Location, location, location – and data.

Today’s real estate investors and developers have access to millions of data points to help them gauge the potential of a property. That level of insight is especially helpful during times of economic uncertainty, when investments carry more risk.

Max LeBlond is the Director of Marketing at Local Logic. According to his company, location impacts 48 percent of a property asset’s value. That’s why decisions fueled by location data provide a competitive advantage in today’s real estate market.

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In this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, Max talks about the proptech market, what 2023 has in store for the Local Logic team, and more.

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3:22: Max explains the proptech landscape.

5:24: What gets Max excited about 2023? What are the challenges his team will face?

6:58: How proptech tools create value during economic uncertainty.

9:04: What are the goals Max and his team are trying to achieve in 2023?

11:00: The role of events in the Local Logic marketing strategy.

11:50: What is Max’s favorite tool?

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