How to Market to Finance Roles During Economic Uncertainty

How to Market to Finance Roles During Economic Uncertainty

The pressure is on finance teams to better control spending and account for every dollar spent. And that probably doesn’t sound like a great time to be pitching new software to finance roles. But if tracking and managing an organization’s spending is the primary focus of your product, this might be your time to shine.

In this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, we’re talking to Idan Gol, VP of Marketing at Mesh Payments. Like many marketing teams, Idan’s team is trying to convince businesses of the benefits of its platform at a time when many are working to reduce their spending. And Mesh Payments is not the only one in the increasingly crowded spend management space trying to make their case.

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In the episode, Idan talks about standing out in the payments and spend management space, goals for 2023, lessons from 2022, why “efficiency” will be vital to marketing in 2023, and more.

Episode Guide

2:27: What goals does Idan have for himself and his team in 2023?

5:13: How Mesh Payments uses aggregate data from its platform to create content.

9:30: What lessons did Idan take away from 2022?

11:54: What does “efficiency” mean for Idan’s marketing?

15:34: What are Idan’s favorite tools?

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