The Roles of Business and IT in Today’s B2B Buying Process

The Roles of Business and IT in Today’s B2B Buying Process

The biggest change in the purchasing process for business technology over the past decade is the role of business users. IT no longer makes all of the decisions about technology. Instead, it’s the business users who use the tech on a daily basis who do much of the work. 

The area of low-code development, which allows business users to create workflows and automations for business processes, is a perfect example of this evolution. 

Business users and IT both take part in the purchase process for low-code solutions. And each role has its own part in managing the solution once it’s deployed.

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In this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, we talk with Mike Donaghey, Chief Commercial Officer at CMW Lab, a BPM software vendor, about the modern buying committee, how vendors market to diverse committees, and Mike’s favorite too.

Episode Guide

4:02: How are business and IT teams involved in today’s purchase process?

6:29: How does CMW develop messaging for diverse buying committees?

7:57: How do diverse committees impact the sales cycle?

8:47: Do diverse buying committees require casting a diverse net for prospects?

11:11: What to make of the in-person event channel?

11:48: What should we expect from 2024?

14:29: What is Mike’s favorite tool?

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