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How to Build a B2B Customer Marketing Program

When most people in the B2B space hear the term “marketing,” their mind immediately goes to customer acquisition or audience marketing. They think about driving new customers to B2B brands using content syndication, email marketing, and paid media. Acquisition marketing
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6 Ways to Meet the Needs of Digital Natives

Content marketing is the strategy, or strategies, implemented to attract, engage, and retain an audience to then be nurtured into customers. Even in our tech-focused age, the goal of B2B content marketers continues to be increasing their overall brand awareness
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What’s Working for B2B SaaS Challenger Brands?

Operating in a space dominated by large, well-known brands poses a challenge for companies in any sector. In the SaaS software market – and in CRM in particular – the challenge can seem monumental. Clare Dorrian is the CMO of
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How to Use Intent Signals to Boost Your Pipeline

Intent data was a term rarely discussed in B2B marketing circles 10 years ago, but today it’s a staple in every marketers’ toolbox. The idea behind intent data is simple. People partake in all sorts of activities online. They visit
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Long-Term vs. Short-Term Strategies in B2B Marketing 

Audience marketing is essentially the practice of building an audience of prospective buyers for your product or service that you inform and educate until such time as they’re ready to buy.  Sounds pretty intuitive, right? It is. But it’s often
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